Music at Work provides career management services for its artists, writers & producers. Full management clients include Jonasu, Cimo Fränkel, CMC$, Rik Annema, Yoshi Breen, Catalina Schweighauser, Jason OK, HEATT, RUDY & Ej3000. These clients also enjoy the benefits of the other departments, getting high end legal services, label services if required, and song pitching to a global database of A-level artists, managements & labels.

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Legal & Consultancy

Music at Work has a full-fledged legal department available for anybody in the entertainment business looking for expert consultation. The legal department is experienced in all fields of music, film, international trade law, rights and registrations. Current clients include MDLBeast, Tomorrowland, Replete Music Publishing, Joon and 3LAU.

Email for more information and/or a free consultation.

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100th Meridian Music
Label Services

Music at Work is experienced in global rollouts of repertoire, while promoting and marketing successfully throughout. This service, called 100th Meridian Music including top-line global distribution, is available to labels and artists that want to release independently and are looking for a more boutique approach than being 1 of 100 acts on a label. Music at Work has been providing label services for years, most notably for R3HAB’s very successful CYB3RPVNK label, having helped him gain over 23 million monthly listeners and achieve over 1 billion streams on his independent label alone. Other label clients include Florian Picasso, Dante Klein, Cimo Fränkel and Ayko among others.

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The Song

Music at Work’s Song Machine is a recurring list of the top songs & productions available across all clients, writers and artists we represent. This service includes pitching to a global database of A-level artists and is tailor-made to all people in the industry – A&R’s, Artists, Labels, Publishers etc. Subscribe to the newsletter by sending an email to

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