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Rick Haayen founded Music at Work in May 2014, he grew up on both sides of the Atlantic, becoming equally fluent and at home as an American in Holland or a Dutchman in the US. Combining both cultures and experiences has given him a unique international perspective, Rick has worked over 30 years in the international entertainment industry both in Europe and the United States.


Having worked at major labels (Universal Music Group in USA + Europe) as well as independent labels (CNR + V2 Benelux in Europe) and management firms (The Entertainment Group & Montana ECI), Haayen decided to set up his own firm, Music at Work – a management & consultancy firm that represents successful Artists & Producers in the global pop and dance music scene, singer/songwriters from all genres, and also provides label services, legal services & publishing options for the entertainment industry at large.


Music at Work operates both in Amsterdam & Los Angeles, creating an international music hub for her clients. The core business will always be entertainment with Music at Work – creating a flexible and comfortable home for the creative community as a whole no matter where the talent calls home.

“I had a bird’s eye view of a bird’s eye view”

The Tragically Hip, 2000


Cimo Fränkel

In the diverse world of music, there are singers, songwriters, producers and the rare multi-talents who combine all three roles into one, like Cimo Fränkel. He has many big hits on his name such as the smash single ‘Sex‘ by Cheat Codes & Kris Kross Amsterdam, which has over 640 million streams on Spotify alone and has gone platinum in multiple countries. Cimo also worked with many established names such as Armin van Buuren, Conor Maynard, Hardwell, Snoop Dogg, Lucas & Steve, R3HAB, Skrillex and Yellow Claw. He has had many asian cuts too with hits like ‘Rainbow‘ (NCT Dream) and ‘I Don’t Wanna Stop‘ (T.U.B.S). In 2020, Cimo focused on his own artist career with his self eponymous album ‘Cimo Fränkel‘ and released music under his EDM alter ego Mikel Franco. More recently released the tracks ‘Dancing On My Own‘, ‘Any Longer‘, ‘Go Your Own Way‘ and ‘Where Do You Hide Your Love‘ with Skofee.

Websites: www.cimofrankel.com – www.mikelfranco.com

Songwriter page: Spotify


Welcome to HEATT.

A brand new collective raising temperatures on dance floors around the world in summer 2022. HEATT released their first official single on August 5th called ‘XTC‘. Stay tuned for more!




Website: www.heattmusic.com

Spotify: Top 20 songs.

Jonasu (Jonas Kröper)

Jonasu boasts an innate ability to make people move. It’s something he learned early on when he first started making music, “The reason I loved playing drums was that people started dancing”, an undeniable and true musician whose training and influence were born during his decade long stay in Amsterdam. He now resides in Berlin, but spends his time recording in studios out of London, Stockholm & L.A, creating his next anthem. His single ‘Black Magic‘ is an official UK Top 5 single and has over 350 million streams worldwide. In addition to making his own music, Jonasu has written with and produced for other artists including Sam Feldt (multi-platinum selling single “Post Malone”) and Alok & Dynoro (smash single “On & On”). He also remixed music from Tate McRae, Dillon Francis, Clean Bandit, 220 Kid, James Arthur and Alex Hosking to name a few. More recently, he contributed to the banger ‘Don’t Be Shy‘ by Tiësto & Karol G and released the singles ‘On My Mind‘ with JC Stewart, ‘All Night & Every Day‘ with Rêve and the smash ‘Trouble‘ with Georgia Ku.

Website: www.jonasu.com

Songwriter page: Spotify

Rik Annema

Karma Nine is an acronym for singer-songwriter Rik Annema, former front man of the Dutch indie-pop band, A Silent Express. He has over 2 billion streams all combined and has co-written and co-produced for an array of national and international artists such as Armin van Buuren, Conor Maynard, Damon Sharpe, Hardwell, Gatüsso, Brennan Heart, HRVY and James Arthur. He notably co-wrote and co-produced the massive hit ‘Sex‘ by Cheat Codes & Kris Kross Amsterdam, which has over 635 million streams on Spotify and has gone platinum in multiple countries. Rik has also co-written the tracks ‘As Long As I’m With You‘ by the Jamaican artist OMI, ”Where Have You Gone (Anywhere)’ by Lucas & Steve and ‘All Around The World (La La La)‘ by R3HAB & A Touch of Class. Equally, he has some remarkable cuts in the asian market with the hits ‘Made to Love‘ by Xiao Zhan (#7 in the Global Digital Single Awards of 2020), ‘Rainbow‘ by NCT DREAM and ‘The Beauty of Following Our Hearts‘  by T.U.B.S. 



Website: www.karmanine.com

Songwriter page: Spotify

Yoshi Breen

Yoshi Breen is an award winning Dutch songwriter. He has a rich history playing in indie-bands and is now entirely focused on his songwriting career. He started writing songs at the age of 9 and has been around the globe to collaborate with and work for internationally recognised artists. Being an all rounder and multi-instrumentalist, he has co-written and co-produced songs for Armin van Buuren, Lost Frequencies, Hardwell, Snoop Dogg, Sam Feldt and Alex Hosking to name a few. Also Martin Garrix’s hit ’Burn Out’ and the smash single ‘On & On‘ by Alok & Dynoro which both have over 100 million streams on Spotify alone. Additionally, his music has been used for syncs by brands such as AXE, Samsung and San Miguel Beer. More recently, he contributed to the banger ‘Don’t Be Shy‘ by Tiësto & Karol G, he also co-wrote & co-produced  the #1 airplay smash in the Netherlands and platinum selling single, ‘Hard To Say Goodbye‘ by RONDÉ, as well as their latest hit single ‘Love Myself‘.


Website: www.dearmusic.nl

Songwriter page: Spotify, Apple Music

Catali (Catalina Schweighauser)

Catalina aka CATALI, is a 26 year old Amsterdam based artist and platinum rewarded topliner. Pop, dance and house music are Catalina’s main genres with lyrics being one of her main strengths. Her mixed background (American, Dutch, Swiss and Italian) gives her the ability to write in multiple languages fluently. She had a number 1 hit with ‘Ze Huilt Maar Ze Lacht‘ by Maan, which is on n°293 in the Top 2000 best songs of the Netherlands. She worked with artists such as David Puentez, Emma Heesters, Kes, YUQI, wrote songs for the The Voice candidates in various countries and worked with artists such as Ava Max and the Eurovision Song contest contesters. She also wrote music for the Netflix movie ‘Just Say Yes‘ and for the Dutch musical ‘Diana & Zonen‘ (production by Medialane). She equally releases music with her own artist project, CATALI, with the songs ‘Fire‘, ‘Therapy‘ (ft. Sagan) and ‘Talk To Me‘ (ft. Gromee). More recently, she contributed to the hit ‘Athletic Girl‘ by K-pop girlband H1-KEY, whose official video reached over 10 million views in just 4 weeks.


CMC$ (Yael Nahar)

Yael Nahar better known under his stage name CMC$, is a Dutch multiplatinum awarded DJ, producer and songwriter. He notably co-wrote and co-produced Martin Garrix & Bebe Rexha’s smash hit “In The Name Of Love” which has over 1 billion streams on Spotify alone. CMC$ released music on renowned labels such as Spinnin’, STMPD, Universal Music and Ultra. His top 10 tracks on Spotify altogether amass over the insane amount of 240 million streams including the singles “Understand Me” with Conor Maynard, “As Long As I’m With You” with OMI and “X’s” with GRX and Icona Pop. He is equally great at creating power-charged remixes such as Martin Garrix & David Guetta’s “So Far Away” remix, showcasing his diverse pallet of production techniques as an artist. He also performed at Tomorrowland (BEL), New Horizons (GER), Looptopia Festival (TWN) and did a debut for STMPD at Balaton Sound (HUN).


Website: www.cmcsmusic.com 

Your Friend Polly (Hailey Collier)

Hailey is born in Nashville, started her music career in Los Angeles and currently resides in Berlin. She is a prolific songwriter and vocalist, and is especially great with melodies. She co-wrote many hits such as J Balvin’s single ‘Bola Rebola’, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike vs David Guetta’s single ‘Complicated’, Betty Who’s ‘I Remember’ song and Icona Pop & Hayden James single ‘Right Time’. Other artists she’s worked with include Stephanie Poetri, Jonasu, Dante Klein, Evan Klar, Girls Generation, Kumi Koda and more. Even though Hailey mostly writes music for others, she also releases her own music under the pseudonym your friend polly such as the track ‘Everything About You’ with Sam Feldt. She also has upcoming cuts with Loud Luxury, Bhaskar and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike to name a few.


” Hi! I am Rudy. As a kid, I always wanted to become a model, but all agencies said, they aren’t looking for a non human model. So to comfort me, my mum bought me a guitar when I was 13. But when I saw Alicia Key’s Unplugged Concert on MTV, I knew I wanted to sing and write songs. I have a fragile heart, you see. So here I am, still in the same bedroom, making music. Stay tuned!” His recent releases include the tracks ‘Love Sex Magic‘, ‘Move Ya Body‘, ‘Honey – Jetta (RUDY & Jonasu)‘ and African Lady (Antenna) – RUDY x FUSE ODG‘. 


Website: www.itsrudy.com  

Nordic Music Partners

Nordic Music Partners is the first international publishing collective owned and run by successful writers and producers. Founded in Helsinki & Oslo by award winning songwriters Teemu Brunila, Andreas “Axident” Schuller and Jukka Immonen, they have recently expanded to Europe with offices in Amsterdam and Paris.  Nordic Music Partners is a creator-driven publisher with pioneering founders who have collaborated with acts including Justin Bieber, Tiesto, FloRida, Jason Derulo, Dua Lipa and Doja Cat among others. They focus on creative development and ensure global success for their writers by building an extensive catalog of great music while creating a network linking up songwriters from the Nordic region to the rest of Europe and the United States. Read more on Music Week’s recent article.



Music at Work is providing legal services to MDLBEAST, an entertainment company anchored in the Middle East and rooted in music culture. From MDLBEAST Records and MDLBEAST Frequencies to MDLBEAST XP, the company has continuously expanded across different business lines. A couple years ago, they also launched MDLBEAST Soundstorm, the largest music festival in the region which will reunite in 2021 over 400K visitors and over 150 artists including David Guetta, Afrojack, Adam Beyer, Benny Benassi, Deadmau5, The Chainsmokers, Tiësto and many more.  


Website: www.mdlbeast.com


JOON is also enjoying Music at Work’s advisory & legal services as they are currently developing the first legal music streaming platform for the global Farsi-speaking market. Founded by Farshid Rafe Rafahi and Siavash Davarnia, the platform aims to give millions of music lovers a place where they can find a complete catalog of their favorite music to stream and/or download. But also, to solve  the most crippling insufficiency of the Persian music industry: the lack of a royalty system that fairly compensates music creators, artists, and labels who’ve until now had very limited paths to reach mass audiences as a result. 


Website: www.joon.fm




100th Meridian Music (aka 100MM)

Music at Work is experienced in global rollouts of repertoire, while promoting and marketing successfully throughout. This service, called 100th Meridian Music including top-line global distribution, is available to labels and artists that want to release independently and are looking for a more boutique approach than being 1 of 100 acts on a label. Music at Work has been providing label services for years, most notably for R3HAB’s very successful CYB3RPVNK label, having helped him gain over 23 million monthly listeners and achieve over 1 billion streams on his independent label alone. Other clients include MACKS, Julian Cross, Dante Klein, Cimo Fränkel, Guusje and Ayko.

LAAMS Publishing

LAAMS Music Group is the trans-continental Publishing & A&R consultancy firm that is a collaboration between Prim8 Music in Los Angeles & Music at Work that operates both in Amsterdam and Los Angeles. Manager and lawyer Amit Krispin has been leading Prim8 Music for over 6 years while Rick Haayen has done the same with Music At Work. Developing songs for Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, while also signing LA rising star Hailey Collier and newcomer Michael Abundes, LAAMS Music Group and LAAMS Publishing are a great hotbed for new talent and a source of songs and repertoire for all genres.

Legal department

Music at Work has a full-fledged legal department available for anybody in the entertainment business looking for expert consultation. The legal department is experienced in all fields of music, film, international trade law, rights and registrations.
Email tatiana@musicatwork.biz for more information and/or a free consultation.


Music at Work provides career management services for its artists, writers & producers. Full management clients include Jonasu, Cimo Fränkel, CMC$, Rik Annema, Yoshi Breen and Catalina Schweighauser. These clients also enjoy the benefits of the other departments, getting high end legal services, label services if required, and song pitching to a global database of A-level artists, managements & labels.

The Song Machine

Music at Work’s Song Machine is a recurring list of the top songs & productions available across all clients, writers and artists we represent. This service includes pitching to a global database of A-level artists and is tailor-made to all people in the industry – A&R’s, Artists, Labels, Publishers etc. Subscribe to the newsletter by email: songmachine@musicatwork.biz.

Los Angeles Home & Studio

Music at Work also has a home and studio in the legendary Laurel Canyon (Los Angeles), creating an additional music hub for its clients in addition to the Amsterdam home. The space is available to friends in the creative community looking for a serene environment to write and make music. Check out the entire place here!

Email laura@musicatwork.biz for more info and availabilities.


100MM labels

MONO Records

Max Krul aka MACKS is the former frontman of the DJ group Dante Klein and has now launched his independent label for upcoming artists and producers in the house scene, MONO Records. With soulful deep house type of records, featuring catchy vocals and dreamy loops, MACKS has released several records from which ‘Come On Home‘ reached over 4 million streams cross platform and over 4000 Shazam’s. Other releases include the tracks ‘All The Same‘, ‘Running‘ and ‘Losing It‘ featuring Felix Samuel & Able Faces.




Cimo Fränkel

As a singer, songwriter and producer, Cimo Fränkel set up his label to release his music independently and show who he truly is as a solo pop artist. His debut album called “Cimo Fränkel” released in April 2020 reached over 10 million streams and had media and tastemakers compare his artistry to the likes of The Weeknd with influences drawing from pop greats including Mickael Jackson & Huey Lewis. In 2021, he’s been releasing music that showcased his range from ear-candy pop to honest & raw tracks with ‘Dancing On My Own‘ and ‘Any Longer’. His first release of 2022 is a  cover of Fleetwood Mac’s classic ‘Go Your Own Way‘.



23rd Letter Records

23rd Letter Records is the label of Rotterdam based artist 23rd Letter, a raw rapper and musician that bursted onto the HipHop/RnB scene in 2021. His soulful and heartfelt approach creates both an intimate and gritty atmosphere in his songs. As with many of his compatriots, he is releasing his music in a rapid tempo on his own independent label. In a few months time, he released his EP ‘Pleasure and Desire’ including the singles, ‘Gimme Some‘ and ‘Do You‘. He also released the single  ‘Wait For Me‘, a hyping, exciting and heartfelt record which received a lot of support. In 2022, he is coming back with R&B/Pop type of records with the singles ‘All About You‘ and ‘Enough‘.

Langhewood Records

Italian DJ & producer Francesco Dogliani gained an affinity for the digital movement and developed a passion for all things electronica early on. Under the musical alias AYKO, Francesco went from small gigs in his hometown of Turin, Italy, to playing in the mecca of underground music and clubs in London and Ibiza, along artists such as Mauro Picotto. He has now shifted to producing and launched his own independent label Langhewood Records to release his own music and support upcoming artists such as Orca Sound & Hoax (BE). In 2021, he’s been focusing on producing and releasing his own music including the singles ‘Life‘, ‘Take My Hands‘ and more recently ‘Star From The Sky‘.


New Breed Records

Julian Cross launched New Breed Records as a home for his own modern and infectious sounds while also providing a platform for up and coming artists and producers in the electronic music scene. Julian enters the fray in 2020 with a wonderful collection of emotions and astrology-themed songs on his album “Nebula”, including the hit ‘Step Into My Shoes‘, the singles ‘Inspired‘, ‘Asteroids‘, ‘Strangers‘ featuring Leona Griffin and the progressive house jam ‘Molecule‘, all of which are inspired by the outer space and science fiction. Taking in a number of genres – from house to electro to future bass – it’s the melodic nature that strings it all together.



Guusje Music

Guus Mulder is an artist, singer & songwriter based in Amsterdam. His work varies from writing international Pop & Dance songs, to writing for some of the biggest Dutch artists. Over the years, he shaped his own unique & innovative Dutch pop sound and started releasing his own music under the name Guusje. In 2022, he launches his independent label called Guusje Music on which he released the singles ‘De Laatste Trein’ featuring Roxeanne Hazes and ‘Zeldzaam’, leading up to his debut album “Liedjes Over Meisjes” which released on April 8th.




Indieshake is the label founded by Håkan Persson and Louise Lindenger. Their first release ‘Blow The Speakers Up‘ featured as the soundtrack of the global Samsung Galaxy Note 20 phone commercial in 2020, gaining over 700.000 streams. I Don’t Speak French is a band that constantly reinvents itself, but the one thing that remains is the love for hooks, big choruses and memorable riffs. Stranded Mermaid is a Swedish act who created a unique soundscape mixing folk and western elements, epic indie textures and dreamy vocals. Swedish Red Elephant is a creative duo made up of Hakan & Louise, and the alias for their electronic/dance influenced music.




Fully Completely

Vertigo is a rock band from The Hague founded by the singer & guitarist Denny Haayen and guitarist Joris Hogewind. Their American oriented guitar rock shows influences from groups such as Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters and the Golden Earring. In February 2020, they released their ‘Moments of Clarity‘ album on their own label called Fully Completely.








Nordic Music Partners has launched!

May 6

Nordic Music Partners is a music publishing company founded by award winning songwriters Teemu Brunila, Andreas “Axident” Schuller and Jukka Immonen. They already operate in Helsinki & Oslo, and now launched Nordic Music Partners Amsterdam, run by Rick Haayen & Yoshi Breen as well as Nordic Music Partners Paris run by Pierre Melhki.     […]

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“Hard To Say Goodbye” by RONDÉ – N°1 Airplay Top 40 (NL)

November 25

It’s official, “Hard To Say Goodbye” by RONDÉ is n°1 Airplay in the Netherlands! Co-written & co-produced by the talented Yoshi Breen & Jason Ok! Listen here!

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150 million streams on Spotify for “Don’t Be Shy” !

November 25

  “Don’t Be Shy” by Karol G & Tiësto and co-written by our talented Jonas Kröper aka Jonasu and Yoshi Breen, has over 150 million streams on Spotify alone! Listen here and check out the official video here!

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BLACK MAGIC is an offical UK Top 5 Single!

August 4

Jonasu‘s hit “Black Magic” is an official UK Top 5 single (currently #4)! Listen here and check out the official video here!  

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Music at Work’s 7 Year Anniversary!

June 1

On 28th May, Music at Work celebrated their 7th Year Anniversary! Very excited for the future! @music.at.work

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PUBG Mobile Official Soundtracks!

March 30

PUBG Mobile Game recently celebrated their 3rd Anniversary Party. To celebrate this, world renowed musicians, Alesso, Lost Frequencies & R3HAB teamed up for an epic livestream party both in-game and on Youtube for battle royale fans and dance music listeners alike!   Lost Frequencies performed his latest single ‘Rise‘ co-written by Jonas Kröper & Yoshi Breen. R3HAB […]

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