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Rick Haayen founded Music at Work in May 2014, Haayen grew up on both sides of the Atlantic, becoming equally fluent and at home as an American in Holland or a Dutchman in the US. Combining both cultures and experiences has given him a unique International perspective. Rick has worked over 27 years in the international entertainment industry both in Europe and the United States.

Having worked at major labels (Universal Music Group in USA + Europe) as well as independent labels (CNR + V2 Benelux in Europe) and management firms (The Entertainment Group & Montana ECI), Haayen decided to set up his own firm, Music at Work – a management & consultancy firm that represents successful Artists & Producers in the global pop music scene, singer/songwriters from all genres, and also provides label services, legal services & publishing options for the entertainment industry at large.

Music at Work operates both in Amsterdam & Los Angeles, creating an international music hub for her clients. The core business will always be entertainment with Music at Work – creating a flexible and comfortable home for the creative community as a whole no matter where the talent calls home.


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“I had a bird’s eye view of a bird’s eye view”

The Tragically Hip, 2000


100th Meridian Music (aka 100MM)


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Music at Work has been providing Label Services for years, most notably R3HAB’s very successful CYB3RPVNK label. Having helped R3HAB gain over 23 million monthly listeners and achieve over 1 billion streams on his independent label alone, Music at Work is experienced in global rollouts of repertoire, while promoting and marketing successfully throughout. This service, called 100th Meridian Music including top-line Global Distribution, is available to labels and artists that want to release independently and are looking for a more boutique approach than being 1 of 100 acts on a label.


LA AMS Publishing


LA AMS Music Group is the trans-continental Publishing & A&R consultancy firm that is a collaboration between Prim8 Music in Los Angeles & Music at Work that operates both in Amsterdam and Los Angeles. Manager and lawyer Amit Krispin has been leading Prim8 Music for over 6 years while Rick Haayen has done the same with Music At Work.

Developing songs for Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, while also signing LA rising star Hailey Collier and newcomer Michael Abundes, LA AMS Music Group and LA AMS Publishing are becoming a great hotbed for new talent and a source of songs and repertoire for all genres.




Legal department


Music at Work has a full-fledged Legal department available for anybody in the entertainment business looking for expert consultation. The legal department is experienced in all fields of music, film, international trade law, rights and registrations.
Email sjoerd@musicatwork.biz for more information and/or a free consultation.



The songmachine


The Music at Work Song Machine is a recurring Soundcloud pitching list of the top songs and productions available across all clients, writers, publishers and artists we represent. Captained by Sjoerd Koolwijk, the service is tailor-made to all people in the industry – Artists, A&Rs, Labels, Publishers etc.




Cimo Fränkel

Born in Amsterdam, Cimo Fränkel is a singer/songwriter as well as a music producer. Cimo has co-written the monster track ‘Shotgun‘ for Dutch stars Yellow Claw and he co-wrote and co-produced the massive hit ‘Sex‘ for Kris Kross Amsterdam, which has over 580+ million streams on Spotify and has gone platinum in several countries. Cimo also worked with other established names such as Skrillex, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Bebe Rexha, Wildstylez, R3HAB & ARTY. As an artist Cimo featured on several Armin van Buuren tracks, ‘Strong Ones‘ and ‘All Comes Down‘ and recently released his debut album called ‘Cimo Fränkel‘ featuring ‘Happier Before‘ and ‘World Is Waking Up‘.

Website: www.cimofrankel.com


Fadil El Ghoul, professionally known as R3HAB, is number #13 in the Mag Top 100 and is from Dutch-Moroccan heritage. The last few years R3HAB collaborated with Zayn, HRVY, Andy Grammar, Sofia Carson, Clara Mae & Russian pop-star Elena Temnikova. In 2019 he had a world succes with ‘All Around The World (La La La)’ featuring A Touch Of Class. The song gained more than 350+ million streams cross-platforms, went platinum in the Netherlands and Switzerland and went gold in Denmark, Canada, Norway, Poland and Finland! 

Websites: www.r3hab.com – www.cyb3rpvnk.com


On the way to his studio, armed with a dictaphone, Jonasu records all of his musical ideas as he’s cycling through the streets of Amsterdam. Rhythm has always been a fascinating of Jonasu, from banging tin pots in the kitchen at 5 years old, to studying drums at the prestigious Amsterdam Conservatory. In 2019 he collaborated with Möwe and Eskeemo for ‘Lost In Amsterdam‘, and right after he released his first solo track ‘Wannabe‘, both got over 3 million streams on Spotify. As a songwriter and producer Jonas worked with ALOK, Weiss, Möwe & co-wrote ‘Post Malone‘ by Sam Feldt & RANI which gained over 370 million streams on Spotify. 

Website: www.jonasu.com

Rik Annema

Singer/songwriter Rik Annema is a songwriter and producer for an array of national and international artists. Rik is also a frequent collaborator with fellow Music at Work client, Cimo Fränkel. Rik and Cimo co-wrote and co-produced the massive hit ‘Sex‘ for rising stars Kris Kross Amsterdam, which has over 580+ million streams on Spotify and has gone platinum in several countries. Rik has co-written the tracks ‘As Long As I’m With You‘ by the Jamaican artist Omi, ‘I Don’t Think About You‘ by HRVY, ”Where Have You Gone’ by Lucas & Steve and ‘All Comes Back To You‘ by R3HAB.

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike

Their unique live shows have propelled Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike into global stars and enabled them to take centre stage amongst the ever-changing musical landscape, whilst leading the duo to winning further accolades that include ‘Best Breakthrough Act’, ‘Best European DJ’s’, ‘Best European DJ’ & ‘Best Artist Group’ at the IDMA’s, also garnering 2 x ‘Best Global DJ’ at the EMPO TV awards in Mexico, as well as ‘Best Big Room’ and ‘Best Music Video’ for their star-touting anthem ‘The Hum’. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike have grown to become two of the most prominent dance music figures of the modern era. In 2019 they collaborated with David Guetta and Daddy Yankee to releas their 210+ million streamed track ‘Instagram‘.

Website: dimitrivegasandlikemike.com

Yoshi Breen

Yoshi Breen, went across the whole world to study music from The Netherlands to Chicago, China and the rest of the planet. He started writing songs since he was 18 years old and began to focus on a full-time songwriting career. He has co-written songs for several huge artists, such as; Martin Garrix’s ’Burn Out’, with more than 95 million streams on Spotify and ‘On & On‘ by Alok & Dynoro with more than 80 million streams on Spotify. He also co-wrote ’FLASH BACK’ by the J-pop band ‘’Monsta X’’, which sold more than 90.000 cd’s in Japan.

Pete Philly

Having successfully toured the globe, doing sold out shows with his own projects ‘Pete Philly‘ and ‘Pete Philly & Perquisite‘, as well as supporting Kanye West and James Brown on their tours, Pete is now well known to be a unique performer as well as a conceptual writer and producer. His latest ‘Lift‘ EP presented in a sold out Melkweg Max in Amsterdam and Pete is also solidifying his place as a writer for other artists and composer/producer for film/TV.



Catalina aka CATALI, is a 26 year old Amsterdam based artist and platinum rewarded topliner. Pop, dance and house music are Catalina’s main genres with lyrics being one of her main strengths. Her mixed background (American, Dutch, Swiss and Italian) gives her the ability to write in multiple languages fluently. Recently she had a number 1 hit with ‘Ze Huilt Maar Ze Lacht‘ by Dutch artist Maan. Internationally CATALI wrote songs for the NBC series ‘I Feel Bad’ and for The Voice candidates in various countries. She also worked with artists such as Ava Max and the Eurovision Song Contest contesters. 

100MM labels

New Breed Records

Julian Cross is launching New Breed Records, as a home for his own modern and infectious sounds while also providing a platform for up and coming artists and producers to show their talents. Julian enters the fray in 2020 with a wonderful collection of emotions and songs with his astrology-themed debut album called ‘Nebula’ releasing in February 2021. His first tracks ‘Molecule‘ and ‘Asteroids‘ are out now!

Websites: www.juliancrossmusic.comwww.newbreedrec.com

MONO Records

Max Krul aka MACKS is launching an independent label for upcoming artists and producers in the house scene, MONO Records. MACKS is releasing several records in the coming months, all in the soulful deep house genre, from which Come On Home & Lose It are the first releases, with a combined total of 600k streams since september 2020.




Indieshake is founded by Håkan Persson and Louise Lindenger aka the artists I Don’t Speak French, Stranded Mermaid and Swedish Red Elephant. Their first release ‘Blow The Speakers Up’, featured as the soundtrack of the global Samsung Galaxy Note 20 phone commercial in 2020.





PUBG Mobile Official Soundtracks!

March 30

PUBG Mobile Game recently celebrated their 3rd Anniversary Party. To celebrate this, world renowed musicians, Alesso, Lost Frequencies & R3HAB teamed up for an epic livestream party both in-game and on Youtube for battle royale fans and dance music listeners alike!   Lost Frequencies performed his latest single ‘Rise‘ co-written by Jonas Kröper & Yoshi Breen. R3HAB […]

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New Music Friday! “Rise” – Lost Frequencies

March 19

Happy Fridays! We are very excited to announce today’s release: ‘Rise’ by Lost Frequencies, co-written by our songwriters, Jonas Kroper & Yoshi Breen. Check out the song here!

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Catalina signs new deal with Sony Music Publishing!

March 19

We are very excited to announce that Catalina, our new talented singer-songwriter, has just signed a deal with Sony Music Publishing Benelux! Followed with a new release today, ‘Schat Ik Ben Ok’ by Emma Heesters. Check out the track here!  

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Ze Huilt Maar Ze Lacht (Maan) enters the Top 2000 NL!

January 27

One of our clients, Catalina Schweighauser (CATALI), has co-written a couple of songs of Maan‘s debut album ‘Onverstaanbaar’ such as ‘Nog Even Niet’, ‘Kom Maar’ and the hit single ‘Ze Huilt Maar Ze Lacht’ . The song  ‘Ze Huilt Maar Ze Lacht’  had a huge success and recently entered the TOP 2000 in The Netherlands in the 356th position. Check out […]

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‘Waar Ga Je Heen’ (Emma Heesters) receives a Golden Award!

January 27

In May 2020, Emma Heesters  released her first solo single ‘Waar Ga Je Heen’  co-written & produced by two of our clients: Jonas Kroper & Yoshi Breen. The song which has now been streamed over 15 million times on Spotify also received a Golden Award! Check out the song here and the music video here!   ‘Waar Ga Je Heen’ […]

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On & On (Alok & Dynoro) hits 100 million streams!

January 27

The smash single ‘On & On’ by Alok & Dynoro recently hit over a 100 million streams! We are very proud of Jonas Kroper & Yoshi Breen, two of our management clients who co-wrote this song.  Stream the song on Spotify and check out the music video on Youtube!   ‘On & On’ – Alok & Dynoro

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