Yoshi & Jason Honored with Buma Awards

Yoshi & Jason Honored with Buma Awards

The Buma Awards, presented annually, celebrate the achievements of composers, lyricists, and music publishers. During the festive gala, artists receive Buma Awards in various categories, recognizing their contributions to the music industry. The Buma Awards National and International acknowledge the composers and lyricists behind the most played and best-selling singles of the previous year. 

Yoshi and Jason had an outstanding year, and they each received two Buma Award for their exceptional work. Yoshi and Jason were recognized for co-writing and co-producing the songs "Hard To Say Goodbye," and "Love Myself," both by the band RONDÉ.

The Buma Awards ceremony at Tushinski was a momentous occasion, where Yoshi and Jason, alongside other gifted artists, were celebrated for their outstanding achievements. This event provided a platform to honor their creativity, hard work, and contributions to the vibrant music scene in the Netherlands.

Congratulations to Yoshi and Jason and all the other winners on their well-deserved Buma Awards. Their talent and passion continue to inspire and captivate listeners worldwide. We eagerly anticipate their future endeavors and the remarkable impact they will undoubtedly have on the music industry.


Listen to “Hard To Say Goodbye” here.

Listen to “Love Myself" here.

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