CEO Rick Haayen: A Music Industry Professional

CEO Rick Haayen: A Music Industry Professional

Rick Haayen, the CEO of Music at Work, has over 25 years of experience in the international entertainment industry, Rick's journey is nothing short of remarkable.

A Global Perspective
Rick's story begins with a unique upbringing that spans both sides of the Atlantic. Growing up, he effortlessly moved between the United States and The Netherlands, becoming equally fluent and at home as an American in The Netherlands or a Dutchman in the US. This cultural duality would later become a hallmark of his career, enabling him to bridge gaps and connect dots in the global music arena.

A Varied Career
Rick's resume reads like a "Who's Who" of the music industry. He's worked at major labels like Universal Music Group in the USA and Europe, as well as independent labels such as CNR and V2 Benelux. He's also lent his expertise to management firms like The Entertainment Group and Montana ECI.

Birth of Music at Work
With years of experience, Rick founded Music at Work BV in May 2014. This management and consultancy firm represents a wide range of talent, from DJs and producers to artists of all genres. 

Expanding Reach
Music at Work's commitment to excellence led to recent expansions. They have an office and studio in LA's legendary Laurel Canyon area, providing a new hub for clients. They've also extended their reach to Germany, strengthening their global presence.

Supporting Creativity
At its core, Music at Work is all about nurturing the creative community. Rick's vision has always been to create a comfortable space for artists and creators, no matter where they come from. This commitment sets Music at Work apart and ensures its ongoing success.

In a constantly evolving music industry, Rick Haayen's leadership at Music at Work is making a real impact. His journey is a testament to vision, dedication, and a deep understanding of the global music scene. As Music at Work continues to shape the future of music, Rick's legacy as a leader remains strong, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

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