Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike vs. Diplo (ft. Deb’s Daughter) – ”Hey Baby” is a hit!!

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When you put a world renowned DJ duo together in the studio with a globally acclaimed producer, you can bet the outcome will be nothing short of spectacular. That’s just what fans can expect from “Hey Baby,” the latest powerhouse collaboration between international superstars Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike, and Diplo, released in Latin America via Aftercluv. The #1 Shazamed song in Miami and a staple on trend-setting Spotify playlists like Fresh EDM, Weekly Buzz, Daily Lift, and New Music Friday (where it peaked at #8 worldwide), “Hey Baby” has amassed over 10 million streams within just three weeks out from its release date and it’s still growing strong. Featuring vocals by songstress Deb’s Daughter (Audien’s “Crazy Love”), the tune blends Diplo’s Major Lazer iconic trademark Caribbean-infused style with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike’s unforgettable full-energy melodies. Bringing together two of the biggest names in dance music, “Hey Baby” has cracked the code when it comes to building the perfect anthem. Paired with a music video that transforms the artists into world-rescuing comic book heroes, “Hey Baby” is poised to become the song of 2017.

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