Dante Klein hit 100 million Spotify streams for ‘Let Me Hold You (Turn Me On)’

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cheat-codes-dante-klein-let-me-hold-you-turn-me-on-artwork“Let Me Hold You (Turn Me On)” by Dante Klein just hit 100 million streams on Spotify. The track had been secretly gaining global traction on Spotify as an ID track, with more than 2.000.000 streams before its official “reveal” on June 29th. This rework of Kevin Lyttle’s hit features the succesful LA based Cheat Codes who are currently also enjoying a world-wide hit with “Sex”. Accompanied by an equally unique extended video, ‘Turn Me On’ is a dance floor mainstay and you can say that it was THE European summer anthem of 2016. Check the video here: ‘’Turn Me On’’.

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