100MM labels


Indieshake is founded by Håkan Persson and Louise Lindenger aka the artists I Don’t Speak French, Stranded Mermaid and Swedish Red Elephant. Their first release ‘Blow The Speakers Up’, featured as the soundtrack of the global Samsung Galaxy Note 20 phone commercial in 2020.



New Breed Records

Julian Cross launched his label New Breed Records as a home for his own modern and infectious sounds while providing a platform for upcoming artists and producers. The labels first release is Julian’s own album Nebula, the first two tracks, ‘Molecule’ and ‘Asteroids’ are now available.



MONO Records

Max Krul aka MACKS is launching an independent label for upcoming artists and producers in the house scene, MONO Records. MACKS is releasing several records in the coming months, all in the soulful deep house genre, from which Come On Home is the first which released on September 11th.