100MM labels

MONO Records

Max Krul aka MACKS is the former frontman of the DJ group Dante Klein and has now launched his independent label for upcoming artists and producers in the house scene, MONO Records. With soulful deep house type of records, featuring catchy vocals and dreamy loops, MACKS has released several records from which ‘Come On Home‘ reached over 3,5 million streams cross platform and over 4000 Shazam’s. His latest release is a tropical deep house track with relaxing beats called ‘All The Same‘.



Hill Valley Productions

As a singer, songwriter and producer, Cimo Fränkel set up his label ‘Hill Valley Productions’, to release his music independently and show who he really is as a solo pop artist. His debut album called ‘Cimo Fränkel‘ released in April 2020 reached over 10 million streams. This year, he’s releasing an EP which will showcase his range from ear-candy pop to honest & raw tracks and from which ‘Dancing On My Own‘ and ‘Any Longer’ are the first singles.




23rd Letter Records

23rd Letter Records is the label of the Rotterdam based artist 23rd Letter, a raw rapper and musician from that is bursting onto the HipHop/RnB scene in 2021. His soulful and heartfelt approach creates both an intimate and gritty atmosphere in his songs. As with many of his compatriots, he is releasing his music in a rapid tempo on his own independent label. In a few months time, he released an EP ‘Pleasure and Desire’ with notably the singles, ‘Gimme Some‘ and ‘Dessert‘. His latest single ‘Wait For Me‘ is a hyping, exciting and a heartfelt record.

Langhewood Records

Italian DJ/producer Francesco Dogliani gained an affinity for the digital movement and developed a passion for all things electronica early on. Under the musical alias “AYKO,” Francesco went from small gigs in his hometown of Turin, Italy, to playing in the mecca of underground music and clubs at the time in London, UK and then Ibiza. He has now shifted to producing and launched his own independent label ‘Langhewood Records’. In 2021, he’ll be focusing on producing and releasing, with the first releases being ‘Original Sin‘, ‘Home‘ and ‘Life‘.


New Breed Records

Julian Cross launched New Breed Records, as a home for his own modern and infectious sounds while also providing a platform for up and coming artists and producers. Julian enters the fray in 2020 with a wonderful collection of emotions and astrology-themed songs ‘Molecule‘ and ‘Asteroids‘.




Indieshake is founded by Håkan Persson and Louise Lindenger, this duo is also the mind behind the artists I Don’t Speak French, Stranded Mermaid and Swedish Red Elephant. Their first release ‘Blow The Speakers Up’, featured as the soundtrack of the global Samsung Galaxy Note 20 phone commercial in 2020, gaining over 600.000 streams.



Fully Completely

Vertigo is a rock band from The Hague founded by the singer & guitarist Denny Haayen and guitarist Joris Hogewind. Their American oriented guitar rock shows influences from groups such as Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters and the Golden Earring. In February 2020, they released their ‘Moments of Clarity‘ album on their own label called ‘Fully Completely’.